Wish it? Why not Wanelo it?


Window shopping can be costly. You spend money on gas driving to the mall. You spend energy walking from the parking lot and around the stores. Perhaps you also spend more money on a latte from the Starbucks inside the mall to keep you caffeinated as your eyes indulge on products on display behind glass windows. Why spend money and extra energy, when you can do essentially the same thing with mobile shopping with Wanelo?

Wanelo is not just about mobile shopping. The website and mobile app offers users a visually appealing and user pushed approach to online shopping. You can browse over 30 million products from over 550 thousand stores. As you browse, you simply save items into “collections” you create for your own personal profile. When you come back to visit your saved items, each one offers a link which either allows you to make a purchase directly within the app or it takes you directly to where the original source page is to purchase it. You and your friends can follow each other’s profiles as well as explore others.

But Wanelo isn’t alone. One competitor of Wanelo includes the Wish App. Compared to several other social shopping sites, Wish is the most similar to Wanelo in that their products are not confined to one particular theme of products like fashion-based (Polyvore) or handmade (Etsy). Like Wanelo, Wish allows you to save items into “Wishlists” and you can visit them later within your personal profile. You can also follow friends and other people’s profiles as well. Each social shopping site performs the same function yet Wanelo overshadows Wish greatly.

Wish allows you to follow your friends and make lists but socially, that’s about where it ends. Wanelo expands so much more by allowing Wanelo users to interact together within the site itself. You can leave comments on products, tag other Wanelo friends under certain products, and talk to other users. Another feature Wanelo offers is the ability to post your own products while browsing online. With Wish, you are only limited to the products they offer.

shopperkitty3Example product from Wanelo.com.

Wanelo and Wish both offer viewing feeds called “trending” and “latest” respectively. After “latest”, Wish offers 15 other product category feeds like “shoe” and “fashion”. On the other hand, Wanelo offers over 50 different product categories including specialized feeds like “Magic” and “My Feed”. The “My Feed” view allows you to see the most recent items any stores or friends you follow have posted unlike Wish, where you need to manually look up your friends to see if they have posted anything. The “Magic” feed is what Wanelo recommends to you based on the items you saved so far therefore creating curated content that you’re more likely to save. Wanelo also has its own Youtube channel where they feature “lookbook” products. Unfortunately, Wish has none.

So what are you waiting for? Start virtually window shopping and hey, let’s follow each other on Wanelo while you’re at it!


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