Are we over Wanelo? Maybe. Maybe not.


Sometimes it feels like we live a normal day and suddenly when we wake up the next day, all we hear about is the hype about a new product or app. Then it will feel as if the day after that, almost no one talks about it anymore. Consider this as a condensed way of describing the Gartner Hype Cycle. Below is an example of what the visual representation of the Gartner Hype Cycle looks like. Whenever a new type of technology emerges into the market, the hype cycle illustrates five key phases the technology will evolve through. If you visit the Gartner website, you can explore all the latest hype cycles and discover what’s on the rise, what’s at its peak, what’s starting to have less interest, what’s climbing the slope, and finally what is entering the plateau. With more and more people currently opting to shop online, where does all the hype for Wanelo currently fall?


Wanelo was launched in 2012 by Deena Varshavskaya in San Francisco, California. It rapidly gained attention and currently has 11 million users! I didn’t hear about Wanelo until early 2013 when I asked a friend what she wanted for her birthday and her response was “Just look at my Wanelo!” which was shortly followed by my reply of “Your Wa-what?” I hopped online, signed up, and suddenly found myself browsing the website for hours. It was so addicting (especially if you’re an avid shopper like me!) and it was so well put together. From an article in TechCrunch “The average user spends 16 minutes on the site according to Varshavskaya” and it’s easy to see why after using it. In early 2013, the Wanelo iTunes up ranked in the top 25 of free apps.

When you try to look up news articles about Wanelo and its success, you’ll typically find the majority of the articles to be dated between 2012 and 2014. In late 2013 and early 2014, I remember almost all of my friends having a Wanelo account. We were always sharing products together within the site and posting new ones consistently to our collections. I consider this time to be Wanelo’s climbing and peak on the Gartner’s Hype Cycle. But what about now in 2016? Where is Wanelo on the hype cycle? I still use it when it comes time around my birthday or Christmas but I have noticed that none of my friend’s profiles have been updated recently (or even within the past two years for some.)  If you look at the E-Commerce category on the Gartner website, you’ll find that “social shopping sites” are slipping into the trough of hype. The question remains, will Wanelo climb the slope again?

Let’s bring back Wanelo and sign up today!



Wanelo Raises $2M … But Is Distilling Pinterest To Products The Right Idea?


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