Who are the wanters, needers, and lovers?


If you ask someone on the street, “Who loves shopping more? Men or Women?” you are most likely going to receive women as the answer. You can probably see why because it is consistently highlighted within our culture through television, magazines, and even just going to the mall and seeing more women than men shopping. Of course it can vary depending on the store (an auto parts store versus a Forever 21), but we generally associate women with the idea of shopping. When it comes to Wanelo, it is overtly obvious that the target market for the website is women!

For those of you not familiar with what Wanelo is, let me fill you in. Wanelo stands for want, need, love and is a social shopping website and mobile app that allows for users to browse products from thousands of stores. The user can then choose to save products within personalized collections as well as following friends and seeing what products they are saving. Wanelo creates a lovely blend of social media and shopping. When you first open the initial home page feed, immediately you see young female models, jewelry, makeup, women’s shoes, and numerous other female oriented products. According to DMR, the percentage of Wanelo shoppers that are women are a vast 90%! Surprisingly, my boyfriend falls into that small minority of 10% of male shoppers because he likes saving his car parts and placing them into categories.


After scouring the internet, I couldn’t find specific detailed research on the demographics within the female target market but I did find this. An article by Alicia Goodner, director of marketing for The Daily Dose, where she states “Although there is no specific research that can pinpoint the exact demographic of Wanelo’s target market, it seems to be widely accepted that females around the ages of 16-25 are the major consumers of the application.” I completely agree that the consumers are within the stated age range. If you take a look at the models displayed in almost all of the site’s pictures, the models are all young millennial females. Many popular stores featured on the website also have similar target demographics. For instance, one of Wanelo’s stores includes Forever 21 whose target market are 18- to 24-year-olds.

So if you’re like me, a young millennial female thirsty for trending shopping products (or even if you’re a dude!), then let’s follow each other and explore Wanelo.com!


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