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If you’re an avid shopper like me, then you’ll absolutely love Wanelo! If you’re not familiar with Wanelo, it is a website that beautifully blends social networking with online shopping through a visually attractive set up that also allows for the user to explore millions of products relevantly with a nice flow. If you’re a neat freak like me, you’ll find pleasure in saving your favorite products and assigning them to personalized categories. If you see a product you think one of your friend’s would like, you can simply comment and tag them in the comment section directly underneath the product which also allows you to engage with other users. Wanelo brings you a convenient way of shopping but it brings it in a manner that is beautifully appealing.

Wanelo’s target market is women which makes up about 90% of its users. It’s widely accepted that young millennials who are ages 16-24 make up the majority of these women. While exploring the Wanelo website you get an overall girly vibe. It uses soft neutral colors of white, yellow, and blue with a white background allowing for the products to pop off the page. The feed allows you to view a large grid of products at a time which helps reduce scrolling time. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine when I can only view 20 items on a single page or when there are only 1 or 2 columns of products where you find yourself becoming tired of scrolling after viewing only 10 products. The website wasn’t always as appealing though. From an interview with Mashable, Wanelo CEO, Deena Varshavskaya states, “Originally, the features were very messy and non-minimalist.” She explains how after receiving user experience feedback, she began removing things from the website where she realized the majority of the focus was on the content. Varshavskaya states, “That was a big turning point because the two things that I could not remove were people and products. That was the basis of the whole concept.”

Sitemap I created to illustrate a general overview of the Wanelo's page mapping.
Sitemap I created to illustrate a general overview of the Wanelo’s page mapping.

The flow of the website allows for the user to become lost in the content in a good way. For instance, let’s say you visit Wanelo and sign in. You’re taken to the main page feed where you see a pair of black fringe boots and you think it’s love at first sight. You click on the boots and the boots expand displaying a save or buy button. You save the boots into your “Boots I Gotta Have!” Collection and you notice on the page that below the boots you see a new grid feed of related products. You spot even more boots similar ro the one you just saved and you see red fringe boots that catch your eye. You click on it and it expands so you can save it. You notice below the chosen boots, you have a whole new grid of related items and suddenly the cycle starts back over again and you find yourself saving boots for an hour and your collection has well over 50 boots now! Wanelo allows you to explore the products you love and the products you might love in a simple user-friendly and engaging way (and dangerously way for my wallet!)

Join me in this chic fun way to shop and create your Wanelo account today!




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