Wanelo vs Storenvy


Scenario: If we see a product online that we like, we’ll bookmark it. If we like several different items, it helps to put them into categories. What if you could share the items you love with your friends? What if your friends could also share what they love with you too? If you love products from a particular store, it would be convenient to just follow that store for updates on its products. A bonus would be to be able to purchase the items we love directly from where we found their pictures. This entire description describes both the services of Wanelo and Storenvy which naturally makes them competitors of each other. So what makes them different from one another?

Both Wanelo and Storenvy allow you to save, categorize, and purchase products. You can also follow your friends, explore other people, or explore different product categories. You can follow stores you love on Wanelo or “watch” them on Storenvy. Some differences between these two major online social shopping sites include the fashion in which products are rated. In Wanelo, you can see individual ratings from specific users (sometimes included with photos) on any particular product. With Storenvy, you only see a generalized rating on the store as a whole and not on individual products. The major difference between Wanelo and Storenvy is that Storenvy only sells “indie” brands which are brands coming from independent companies making all the products high in uniqueness. Wanelo sells indie brands as well but also includes major retail stores.


Wanelo may have a much larger product market but Storenvy beats Wanelo in current website traffic. According to a comparison using SimilarWeb.com, Wanelo hovers around an average of 5 million visits and Storenvy beats it with around 7 million visits. Storenvy also has an average visit duration of 2 minutes and 46 seconds, which sits at 28 seconds longer than Wanelo. Pages per visit for Storenvy are about 3.86 pages, again beating Wanelo which sits at about 3.51 pages per visit. I personally enjoy both websites but I prefer Wanelo because of its broader range of products. Which one do you prefer more?

Not sure? See for yourself and visit Storenvy and Wanelo!





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