Periscope Weds Wanelo


Hey there! Danish here. If you’re not familiar with my blog already,
I’m a blogger from Atlanta that speaks about all things in the world in the digital social space.

Tracey Wallace, editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce, has said on multiple occasions that “the smartest brands take advantage of the entire digital ecosystem, ensuring their products are in front of as many consumers as possible at any given point in time.” On my blog, we discussed how Periscope targets a broad audience and if used correctly by marketers, can do wonders for business. After analyzing Periscope, I decided to go out and see what other platforms digital marketers are leveraging to ensure that their products are always in front of their consumers. Shoutout to ShopperKitty for having a strong SEO game because I happened to stumble upon her blog about Wanelo. My initial reaction to Wanelo was that it’s only an app for girls and only brands that target female shoppers could leverage the digital eCommerce platform. With the preconceived notion that the app wasn’t for me and I’d probably not enjoy the user experience, I figured, why not, and went ahead and downloaded the app from the app store. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying the app because of the User-Experience. Wanelo allows you to filter through categories and search for specific items or interests using hashtags. One tool I found extremely useful was the chrome extension for Wanelo. The extension allowed me to browse my favorite shopping sites and add things I find interesting to my Wanelo collection without ever leaving the site I’m on. This nifty little tool provides numerous benefits to users like myself who shop on many different sites. Once I added a few things to my personal Wanelo collection, the platform started to understand my interests and offered me recommendations based on what I like – and the recommendations were surprisingly good! Within just an hour of playing around the site, I made a purchase and can’t wait to receive my product in the mail.


Brands that are in the online shopping space that are already using Periscope should strongly consider creating a Wanelo page for their users to use. I can already imagine brands announcing their latest product to all their fans via periscope and driving their users to the company Wanelo page for similar products. Talk about a perfect customer journey!

Still not sure how Periscope works for your brand? Hop on over to my blog and get all the information you need to incorporate Periscope into your digital ecosystem!


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